NMF Equipments & Plants Pvt. Ltd.



  • Asphalt Storage Tanks upto 10 KL to 100 Kl capacity, Vertical & Horizontal, complete with Asphalt Heating Arrangement, burners, Temperature Sensors, Insulation etc. complete units.
  • Volumetric Control Feeder Conveyors for aggregate and sand.
  • Aggregate / sand feeding conveyor system
  • Rotary Kiln for heating of aggregate / sand, c/w with Burners, Temperature controllers Variable speed drives
  • Bag House for de-dusting vent gas emanating from Rotary Kiln
  • Bucket Elevator for Feeding Hot Aggregate and sand to Vibrating Screen.
  • Vibrating Screen for pre-screening of hot aggregate and sand, prior to feeding to the mixer.
  • Twin Shaft, Asphalt Mixer, c/w Drive, feed & Discharge Gates ( Hydraulic / pneumatic controlled )
  • Other equipments as per requirement

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